We don’t have the distractions a restaurant usually has, so we can put all our focus on the most important part, making GREAT FOOD! Delivering classic American food later than you’ll find anywhere else, only available for pick-up & delivery

Deconstructed Pot Pie

KitchenAF's deconstructed chicken pot pie! Our crispy fried chicken breast placed over a toasted garlic cheddar biscuit crust then smothered in pot pie gravy and served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Originally ordered from Uber Eats and I’m honestly starting to pity these restaurants bc Idk what Uber is charging but the portions and/or quality of food is consistently declining. That being said I ordered the deconstructed pot pie, cookies and broccoli and nothing was as I ordered. She immediately replaced my order, with perfectly steamed broccoli FRESH cookies and a pot pie with the sauce on the side (I suggest ordering that way if possible). It was a great meal, very filling! And a lot better than I expected. I see what people are saying about the chicken “quality“ bc I thought my patty looked a little “lunch room” ish but none of that weird rib meat you find in cheap patties nor anything but good flavor so don’t let the look fool you!

Camille G

Blackened Chicken Alfredo

Fettuccine pasta tossed with from scratch Alfredo sauce then topped with blackened chicken breast and green onion, garnished with parmesan cheese.

I’ve ordered here a few times & will continue to do so 😋 the blackened chicken Alfredo is really good I would get extra Alfredo sauce! The garlic bread is also really good! I’ve also got a cheese burger & fries super juicy! My son got chicken tenders & fries also super good and fried to perfection! Babe got wings he said they were “ok”. All condiments and utensils were in the bag. Overall 9/10 I will be back

Leslie Fleming

BurgerAF's display of the QuadAF burger available for Delivery and Pick-Up


Hand pressed 1 lb. quad burger with American cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

I've ordered from here twice now! the first time I got burgers (Burger AF) which were pretty good but I feel the patties were a bit smaller than usual. The second time I ordered a make your own pasta (Pasta AF), and two subs (I think these were under Wings&Ribs AF). Anyway, the pasta was huge! I thought it was great for the price, and I also found that the pasta wasn't super heavy or anything, and the flavor was great! (I got the Bolognese and added grilled chicken) I was super satisfied with the pasta and super full lol! The subs were also really good and pretty big, definitely worth the prize! One was the steak sub, which was delicious, and the other one was the blackened chicken sub, also super good! I love that this place is open until late, usually we get stuck with only fast food options at night which always makes us feel sick an hour later, but now that I know KitchenAF is open late I'll definitely be ordering from here more often!

Kendra Mishell

BurgerAF's Bacon on Maples Street Chicken Sandwich available for Delivery and Pick-Up

Bacon on Maple Street

Crispy fried chicken breast topped with Applewood smoked bacon served between two vanilla waffles, with a side of house blended syrup.

Ordered here the first time today. I got the Dusty TrailsAF burger and my husband got the Bacon on Maple StreetAF. It was AMAZING! Every part was delicious. Thank you so much for putting passion in food. We will be going back often.

Great White Pool