Chef Nichelle

Nichell Chef Spotlight

👨‍🍳Meet AF Chef Nichell 👨‍🍳Nichell’s favorite part about working here is when customers come in asking what AF stands for 😄 When she’s not perfecting your order, she loves jigsaw puzzles 🧩 Have you tried Nichell’s favorite yet?🗽😋 Harlem Chop Cheese Hero with chopped ground beef, caramelized onions, American cheese, & Harlem sauce. af #kitchenaf […]

Chef David

David Chef Spotlight

Meet AF Chef David David found us from being a driver for UberEats, when he’s not in the kitchen, he likes to play the guitar Have you tried David’s favorite yet? 4 jumbo crispy fried chicken wings & 4 smoky baby back ribs, tossed in Cajun garlic sauce with a side of sriracha aioli. […]

Chef Aaron

Aaron Chef Spotlight

Meet AF Chef Aaron Aaron’s been on the AF team for over a year & he said working with us has made him realize he wants to pursue a career in food! When he’s not serving up your favorite meal, you can catch him playing the bass Have you tried Aaron’s favorite yet? Jerk dusted […]

Chef Eric

Meet AF Chef Eric Eric came in one day as an UberEats driver and left a member of the AF family! He’s been on the team for over 2 years now & outside of the kitchen he loves gaming & music Have you tried Eric’s favorite yet? Sliced rib eye, provolone cheese, green peppers, and […]

Chef Bulldog

chef at kitchenaf - bulldog

Meet AF Chef Bulldog Bulldog has been with us for a full year now & when he’s not prepping your AF favorites, he loves gardening & watching the races Have you tried Bulldog’s favorite yet? Make Your “MineAF” Pizza with shredded mozzarella, italian sausage, & sliced mushrooms. Join our Team. KitchenAF currently has a […]

Chef JP

chef spotlight j peacock

Meet AF Chef JP Chef JP has been with us since the very beginning! When he isn’t making your favorite meal, he’s at home playing with his kids Have you tried JP’s namesake burger yet? JP’s Stoopid Burger: double jerk BBQ burger with bacon, American & Provolone cheeses, and house made sriracha aioli on multigrain […]

Chef Joe

chef spotlight j leconte

Meet AF Chef Joe Chef Joe is a machine in the kitchen! He preps the food for both of our #KitchenAF locations! He loves cooking so much, when he’s not here, he is at home preparing gourmet meals for his family Have you tried Joe’s favorite yet? Smoking Pig: double BBQ burger with pulled pork, […]

Chef Nino

chef spotlight n carpi

Meet AF Chef Nino Chef Nino is celebrating his 1 year anniversary with #KitchenAF and we just couldn’t do it without him! When he’s not in the kitchen, he can be found on the basketball court Have you tried Nino’s AF favorite yet? Lemon Pepper Wings with Hot Sauce Join our Team. KitchenAF currently […]