Featured Chef Spotlight : Chef Nichelle

Nichell Chef Spotlight

👨‍🍳Meet AF Chef Nichell 👨‍🍳
Nichell’s favorite part about working here is when customers come in asking what AF stands for 😄 When she’s not perfecting your order, she loves jigsaw puzzles 🧩

Have you tried Nichell’s favorite yet?
🗽😋 Harlem Chop Cheese Hero with chopped ground beef, caramelized onions, American cheese, & Harlem sauce.

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KitchenAF currently has a team of 25+ team members and is looking to expand its team. KitchenAF has provided many opportunities to passionate chefs looking to achieve long-term career goals. Since established in 2019 KitchenAF has been an industry leader in the Virtual Dining and Ghost Kitchen market. KitchenAF has set the delivery standard; we provide high quality meals and products that are specifically designed for travel. We pride ourselves in a goal-oriented team that have lead KitchenAF to such successful years. We are looking forward to expanding our operations in 2022-2023. Moving forward we are looking to add team member that like us are goal-oriented.