KitchenAF's deconstructed chicken pot pie! Our crispy fried chicken breast placed over a toasted garlic cheddar biscuit crust then smothered in pot pie gravy and served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Originally ordered from Uber Eats and I’m honestly starting to pity these restaurants bc Idk what Uber is charging but the portions and/or quality of food is consistently declining. That being said I ordered the deconstructed pot pie, cookies and broccoli and nothing was as I ordered. She immediately replaced my order, with perfectly steamed broccoli FRESH cookies and a pot pie with the sauce on the side (I suggest ordering that way if possible). It was a great meal, very filling! And a lot better than I expected. I see what people are saying about the chicken “quality“ bc I thought my patty looked a little “lunch room” ish but none of that weird rib meat you find in cheap patties nor anything but good flavor so don’t let the look fool you!

Camille G

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