Welcome To KitchenAF

So why order from KitchenAF, what makes us so different? Focus.

We don’t have a dining room, servers, front of the house manager, bussers or any of the other things a conventional restaurant has that distracts them from their primary job, making great food. As a virtual restaurant, also known as a “ghost kitchen”, our great food is only available for pick up and delivery. Because of this we’re able to focus strictly on making our food the best delivery and pick up available. When you order UberEats or DoorDash from other places it’s additional business they are getting outside of their main focus of inside dining and they typically just take the same exact food you’d be served in the dining room, toss it in a styrofoam box and send it out. Maybe it travels well and maybe it doesn’t; often it’s a crap shoot on whether it’s any good or not.

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